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Coach's Corner by Charlie Carlson

January 03, 2020 10:13 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Happy New Year!

In 2020, promise yourself that you’ll be your own best friend.

I see many people posting online or saying in person things about themselves that would be considered rude if another person were saying such things about them. For example: “I’m too fat (or too old or too slow);” “I’m not a real runner because...;” I could never do THAT because;" and the list goes on.

At one time or another, you've probably been guilty of this yourself. I know I have. Stop and reflect for a moment on some of the things you've told yourself that have negatively impacted your running: "Such a long day at work;" "I just can't run in this wind;" "I can't breathe in this cold weather;" "I just wilt in the heat." THIS list is nearly endless. These obstacles are not real, they are in your mind! Plenty of people run after work, run headlong into the wind, run in the wintertime, run during August afternoons. You can, too!

This year, promise yourself that you’ll be your own best friend. Don't be rude to yourself. Don't tell yourself things that will get in your way, that will bring you down. STOP thinking these dream-taking, hope-crushing, performance-stealing thoughts. Instead, START being your own best friend. Start speaking words of positivity, support, and encouragement to yourself. I mean this literally. Say them out loud! (Go ahead, try it now. You know you want to.)

Negative thoughts can drain your inner strength, but positive words can make you stronger. Do yourself a favor and try this: when you have a negative thought ("Ugh, this hill is so steep"), immediately overcome it by speaking positive words aloud to yourself ("You are going to crush this hill!") It's ok if you only whisper, just make sure your lips are moving and air is crossing your vocal cords.

Studies have shown that a second-person point of view works best. Choose a phrase that starts with "You are" or "You will." Then say it aloud to yourself. Repeat it like a mantra until the negative thought has been purged from your brain. (Studies also show that swearing makes people stronger and increases their pain tolerance so if you're so inclined throw a naughty word into your mantra, but keep your voice down!)

This is real, folks. It's also January 2020, so make this year's resolution one that will improve your running almost immediately! YOU are going to crush this year!




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